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"As a child, my father taught me to never run away from an obstacle but rather embrace it completely as an exciting challenge. Through my mother's love of music and her overwhelming love for me, I found the deepest expression of my soul. All this combined with desire, determination and faith, have carried me through every challenge. I've learned that when I’m standing on the edge, and a bit uncomfortable, I’m also right at the point where I can create something miraculous."
Lois and her brother, Earl Greco have always worked together musically.  While living and performing in Los Angeles, Earl wrote and recorded extensively for film and television and became well known internationally for his advanced bass technique which was recorded on the “Star Licks Video Series”. He was featured in "Guitar Player Magazine", receiving rave reviews when his instructional video was chosen as one of the Top 3.  As a Los Angeles top session player, he recorded with artists such as "Steve Lukather" (Toto), "Tony Iommi" (Black Sabbath), "Carlos Cavazo" (Quiet Riot) and "Albert Lee". He also co-produced and notated the "Louis Johnson" (Brothers Johnson) instructional video. His unique and intense style creates a pulse which dynamically drives the music. As an amazingly gifted & creative musician he has the rare ability to combine unbelievable technique with incredible sensitivity.

"As far back as I can remember, music was always an important part of my life.  I have beautiful memories of my mother kneeling by our beds each night as my brother and I fell asleep listening to the sound of her soft soothing voice, singing us into heavenly bliss."

As a child, Lois was always writing poetry and  soon realized that writing songs was a way for her to express the joy of life as well as cope with sadness.

Passion and determination to work in the business on a professional level led Lois to the decision to move to New York.  
Within the first 6 months of being there, she was cast in the lead role of “Grease” on Broadway. 

After being with the show for a year, Lois began to establish her independent career performing in jazz and blues clubs throughout New England while she continued her music education at Berklee College of Music.  She then moved to Los Angeles and became actively involved in film and television landing acting roles on “Days of Our Lives”, “General Hospital” 
and other episodic series and began writing and singing for television, radio and feature films that continue to run on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime & USA.

Lois worked closely with actor/director Martin Landau who directed her in the lead role of the rock musical "Reach for the Stars" ​for which she wrote a number of songs.  During this period, she spent many hours in the studio doing session work which included providing the speaking and singing voices for Hanna Barbera cartoons as well as commercials for radio and TV.

Lois established her career to the point where she could move back to New England, be closer to family and continue recording for LA film and television projects by building her own recording studio where she also records and produces her music.
Through much of her youth, a great deal of time was spent in a Pentecostal church where the love of God was freely and passionately expressed dancing and singing in the "Spirit". This experience, along with the love and compassion that her parents showed to all, taught Lois about faith, the acceptance of others and the power of God's Love. 
Lois won the "Most Outstanding Female Singer Award" in the "Blues Audience Readers Poll" and "The Lois Greco Band" was voted "Best Blues/R&B Act" in the 2014 WMRC Music Awards.

Her latest CD, "Takin' Hold Of Your Heart", was released at the "Clearwater Sea Blues Festival" in Florida where "The Lois Greco Band" opened for Robert Cray.  Although her music is very bluesy, she likes to draw from other influences including R&B, Gospel, Funk, Rock and Jazz. Lois regularly tours throughout the US and Europe.
Through her college years, Lois developed a desire to passionately express herself in the performing arts, graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater.