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Produced by Lois Greco
All Lois Greco original songs: 

​© & (p) 2010 Pantha Girl Music (Ascap) 
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"Surrender" clips

 "Takin' Hold Of Your Heart"  clips

  • Won't Let It Go0:00
  • Give It Back0:00
  • 01 Like A River0:00
  • Why Don't You Do Right?0:00
  • Ain't No Kinda Love0:00

  • Tobacco Road 2:31
  • Ball & Chain2:26
  • Angel From Montgomery2:49
  • Cajun Moon2:37
  • Ain't No Kinda Love3:55
  • Help Me Find My Way2:42
"Let this woman rock you! This CD is the find of the century. The band is hot, but Lois Greco is scorching! I haven't been addicted to a CD like this since "Cheap Thrills". Greco gets right inside you on the first cut and stays there through the whole album. I would travel far to see this act."
All songs produced, written and arranged by Lois Greco © & (p) 2001 Pantha Girl Records (Ascap) except "Why Don't You Do Right?" written by 
Joe McCoy Morley Publishing (Ascap)



"You can feel the force of nature that is Greco's voice as she delivers the dynamics with rare ability.  'Takin' Hold of Your Heart' is an appropriate title for her album, for that is exactly what Greco does for her listeners."
Bill Copeland Music News

"Holy Cow! Get the funk out! From the opening track, "Tobacco Road" to the closing, "Angel from Montgomery", the CD explodes with funk, soul and R&B and Lois Greco's vocals soar above it all. Buy the CD!!!
Barrelhouse Blues